WKU Technology Training
presented by the Information Technology Division
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WKU IT Training FAQs

What type of training is available?
Training is available on all university supported software and systems. This includes Adobe, Banner, Blackboard, Microsoft Office, and more. Please click here for more information about the training that is available.
When is training available?
Classes are offered at a variety of times during the day and may be scheduled at other times by contacting it.training@wku.edu. We also offer a number of online training workshops.
Where is training available?
Currently, training is offered primarily in Mass Media & Technology Hall rooms 257 and 260. Training is periodically offered at the South Campus, Glasgow Regional Campus, and other WKU extended campus sites.
Who should attend?
All Western Kentucky University employees and students are eligible to attend training offered by the IT Division. Each workshop's description will indicate the target audience (faculty, staff and/or students).
Is there a charge for training?
Training is free for all WKU employees and students.
Why should I attend training?
Training is offered as part of the development of the WKU work force. Consider these findings from the 2011 Educause Study of Students and Information Technology*, which gathered data from over 3000 undergraduate students at more than 1100 institutions nationwide:
  • 76 percent of student respondents say that a benefit of technology is that it extens learning beyond the classroom.
  • "In students' eyes, effective, frequent, and seamless use of technology characterizes a highly effective institution."
  • "… students believe that technology promotes creative and engaged learning, elevated levels of teaching, and the ability to produce higher quality work."
  • 32 percent of students wish their instructors used a learning management system (Blackboard) more often.
* For more information on this Educause study, see http://www.educause.edu/2011StudentStudy.